Earthquake Emergency Kits – Earthquake Survival Kit
Many experts believe that Vancouver B.C. is not only susceptible to a major earthquake, but that one is long overdue. While it’s impossible to predict when and where the next big earthquake that will hit the Vancouver Area, recent events in California and the Pacific Northwest have heightened awareness of the need for emergency planning, earthquake preparedness kits, and risk management before a major earthquake occurs.

The coast of British Columbia is the highest risk region in Canada for a major earthquake. To give a sense of scale, in the past 100 years, at least nine earthquakes in or near Canada have registered a magnitude greater than 7. Even a magnitude 6 earthquake could do extensive damage in urban areas such as Vancouver, Coquitlam, Surrey, and Richmond BC.

Many experts predict that a strong quake near one of Canada’s major cities would likely be the most destructive natural disaster this country could experience.

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Earthquake Kits

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