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Workplace Hazardous Materials (W.H.M.I.S) Training

WHMIS Certification Course, Greater Vancouver BC


  • Length of Course: 4 hours
  • Certification: Green Seal Certified Safety Courses
  • Valid: Permanent – Employer to update site specifics every year, recognized worldwide

Whether you work with or near a controlled substance (any chemical including bleach), WHMIS training is required by all workers across Canada.  In this course you will learn about your employer’s, co-workers and your responsibilities under the law, what to do in an emergency with the specific chemicals at your work site, and ensuring suppliers of chemicals meet shipping requirements.  WHMIS training takes a common sense approach to workplace health & safety.  Course involves interactive lecture material, video and practical exercises.

Course Outline:

  • Have an understanding of WHMIS
  • Have knowledge of legislation
  • Have an understanding of hazard identification
  • Have knowledge of what is a controlled product
  • Have knowledge of product classifications
  • Have knowledge of labels
  • Have knowledge of what is a M.S.D.S.
  • Have knowledge of Globally Harmonized System

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