Light Urban Search & Rescue – Level 2

Search and Rescue Training BC

This one-day (7 hours) “hands on” program will provide participants with an understanding and ability to act safely and effectively as part of a response team during and after a major emergency.

BcQuake’s goal is to provide enough basic information and practice to allow the team members to be safe at the end of the day with the fact that they could run a safe search if it was necessary. This course is not Heavy Urban Search and Rescue.

For Level 1 ‘Light Urban Search & Rescue Classes’ click here.

Light Urban Rescue Class Overview:

  • Review the Incident Command system roles and duties
  • Rescue techniques
  • Basic first aid and packaging skills


  • Lunch
  • Scenario
  • Debriefing
  • Critical Incident Stress Debriefing
  • Reading Materials

The group will break into two teams and will conduct two practice exercises – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The participants will recognize:

  • Rescue team composition and preparation
  • Essential safety equipment
  • Duties of team members
  • Communication techniques between team members
  • Techniques of safe search
  • This is a very physical course and may not be suitable for some people.
  • During the scenarios nontoxic theatrical smoke is used
  • During the scenarios safety approved equipment is worn examples: helmets, dust-masks, goggles and gloves. 

Class size:

Minimum 18 persons – maximum 24 persons

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