Fire Extinguisher Training

In the event of an emergency, do your staff know how to properly operate a fire extinguisher? The first time you operate an extinguisher should never be during an emergency! To fight a fire, your facility needs the right type of extinguisher for the hazard, and have the right volume of product. Not all fires are the same, and neither are fire extinguishers.



Greater Vancouver Fire Extinguisher Courses: Using hands-on BullEx training equipment, we’ll teach you about life safety systems, evacuation & home fire safety. This critical information can help prepare you for an emergency or time of need. 

Our expert fire extinguisher safety classes are available in Surrey, Richmond, & Greater Vancouver for industries and sectors including:

  • Government
  • Commercial
  • Industrial & Manufacturing Facilities
  • Schools & Universities
  • Hospitals and Medical Centres


  • Should you wish to include it, participants will all have the opportunity of physically operating a portable fire extinguisher during the presentation.
  • Participants will learn the limitations of fire extinguishers.
  • The instructors will also talk about home fire and safety and key information that a participant will be able to apply at home.
  • Instructors can cater a seminar to include specific site awareness of fire and life safety.


  • Built for you. BCQuake can custom tailor a Fire Extinguisher presentation for your company. With trained professionals instructing the courses, we ensure a thorough and safe program.
  • Know the Code. BCQuake Instructors are either certified ASTTBC Fire Protection Registered Technicians or former career Fire Fighters with first hand real world experience. Our trained staff stay current with ongoing in-house training of codes, standards and manufacturers requirements.
  • Debunk the myths. Our interactive training sessions allow participants to openly engage and discuss with the instructors and we will help put to rest many of the most fire safety misconceptions.
  • Promote Safety. Promoting such presentations and participation, we demonstrate commitment to a higher standard of protection for your employees or residents by maintaining all your fire and life safety equipment professionally and on-time.


Don’t hesitate to speak with one of our highly trained technicians if you require Vancouver fire inspectors for Professional Fire Safety Training or Fire Extinguisher Classes!

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