Earthquake preparedness training courses Vancouver BC

Emergency Preparedness Services in Vancouver BC

Learn how to prepare yourself, your family, employees, and pets for an emergency.

Survival Course Vancouver: Prepare, respond, and recover from:

Earthquakes. Fires. Floods. Power Outages. Heat waves. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Tsunamis.

Find out how to reduce possible damage to your property.

Call BCQuake today

Call for consultation. We help tailor your individual needs for an Earthquake Preparedness Kit. Consultation will include your emergency requirements with recommendations and suggestions for a personalized earthquake survival kit for work, home, family, and pets.

You will receive a detailed report of the items recommended for your survival kit, including where and how to store them. A plan of how to get to a safe place, where to meet other family members after an earthquake, and a full listing of emergency contact numbers will be identified. Location of the gas shut-off valve and how to shut off the gas will be reviewed.

Preparing YOUR Emergency Survival Kit

The agreed personal supplies will be provided in an Supply Kit by BCQuake.

Monitoring YOUR Emergency Survival Kit

A database of clients products and date of delivery, as well as expiration dates of contents will be kept in our files. In plenty of time before expiry, clients are advised of the upcoming expiry and a letter will be sent for renewal requirement services. This will include review of Emergency Survival Products and replacement of supplies which require renewal.

Inquire to book or further details, contact us online using our form or phone at 604.945.0001 in Vancouver BC or 1-844-72-QUAKE (78253) toll free.