Imminent Kelowna Floods – How Having a Survival Kit Helps
Imminent Kelowna Floods – How Having a Survival Kit Helps
May 11, 2017

Thousands of people are about to be evacuated from Kelowna, as abnormal snow pack levels, over-saturated soil, warm temperatures and imminent heavy rainfall create ‘perfect storm’ conditions for brutal flooding.


“We are planning for the worst and hoping for the best,” says Emergency Operations Centre director Brian Reardon. “Citizens should be doing the same. Last week’s flooding may prove to be just a dress rehearsal for a much larger event ”


Be Prepared! – Get a Survival Kit


As more than 2,500 residents organize valuables and get ready to leave their homes, many may not consider how useful a designated Survival Kit can be in this exact situation. In Vancouver, we often think of survival kits as beneficial for earthquakes only, but they can aid during nearly all natural disasters. Floods strike quickly, and often residents have to flee from their homes at a moment’s notice.


Survival Kits To Help In A Natural Disaster


Every BC Quake survival kit is fully equipped with the essentials to get your family through a natural disaster. But everyone has different needs, and therefore, every kit will be a little different once you decide what personal items should also be included. Here are some ideas of what to add to your survival kit:

  • Extra cash
  • Medications
  • Important contact information
  • Extra pairs of glasses
  • Spare car/house keys
  • Pet supplies, like leashes, food, toys
  • Photos of family members, for identification
  • Kids supplies, like toys, favorite non-perishable snacks, or games
  • GPS or local maps


MRE Food and Water Supplies Last For 5 Years


A survival kit is a great place to store these items, as they can be grabbed quickly while leaving your home. Your survival kit should be stored in an easily accessible location, that everyone in your household is aware of. Make a note to go through your supplies annually, checking for expiry dates and updating your personal items. All BC Quake MRE food and water supplies last for 5 years.


Anyone who notices potential flooding problem is asked to call the Kelowna Fire Department at 250-469-8801.