Helpful Add-Ons for Your Earthquake Kit
Helpful Add-Ons for Your Earthquake Kit
June 23, 2017

An earthquake kit is your grab-and-go survival bag in the event of a natural disaster or sudden evacuation. It should contain all your family needs to survive for a minimum 72 hours without emergency services or outside help. But surviving can look different for everyone. For a person who needs glasses, a map and compass would be useless without the ability to see them. For a child with special medical needs, 72 hours may be too long to go without vital medications.


Helpful Add-Ons for Your Earthquake Kit


That’s why we recommend personalizing your survival kit with items your family can’t live without. These add-ons could include:
• Vital medications

• Extra glasses

• Cash

• Photos of loved ones

• Pet supplies

• Kids toys

• Phone numbers

• Device chargers

• Local maps

• Extra clothing


We purposefully leave a little extra room in every BC Quake survival kit, so you can easily store additional items. Everything you need to survive a natural disaster or sudden evacuation should be ready to go, in your survival kit at all times. Keep your kit near the primary exit of your home, easily accessible in case of an emergency.


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