Fundraising with BC Quake
Fundraising with BC Quake
June 13, 2017

Part of the inspiration to start BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies was to give back to our Community. Our fundraisers help raise money for your schools, sports teams, and other community programs, but also raises awareness of the need for emergency planning and preparedness.


Fundraise with products every home in the Lower Mainland needs. Our fundraising program offers a variety of products ranging in cost, including earthquake kits, first aid kits, survival products, home safety products, and fire prevention items.


We are happy to work with your group to establish 8-10 key products for your fundraiser. We will then create a custom order form for your particular event that makes ordering simple.


The groups participating are responsible for collecting all monies and delivery of the end products to the purchasers. Each group will place one single order from BC Quake at the agreed upon rates.


If you would like more information on BC Quake Fundraising, please call 604-945-0001 or email Our friendly team will be happy to assist you.