We get YOU prepared for the natural disasters that threaten Canada’s West Coast. Our Earthquake Kits and Earthquake Preparedness Products are selected for Canadians, by Canadians in Vancouver BC who have your family’s safety at heart. BCQuake offers a full spectrum of survival preparedness services, from 72 hour survival kits to comprehensive earthquake preparedness training courses and consultation.


    For Schools, Sports Teams & More

    Set yourselves apart with a premium survival product fundraiser that promotes learning and emergency preparedness. Choose from a wide variety of  premium earthquake preparedness products that suit your organization.

    On Emergency Survival Kits

    Our premium-quality survival kits can be branded with your logo or company name, perfect for staff gifts and promotional items.

    Survival Kits

    Do the 2 or 4 person kits not totally suit your family? No problem. The survival experts at BCQuake can put together a kit with your specifications.

featured products

From natural disasters, to power outages, to car accidents. Our emergency preparedness experts in Vancouver BC Canada hand-select premium products for every situation you and your family may encounter.